Soil Painting



Led by drummer and composer Denis Baeten, Soil Painting expresses the tortuous roots of a lifelong musical tree. Exploring the deepest cells of rock sounds through adventurous compositions, the quartet builds organic, yet electrified music by stacking spacey guitar riffs on top of a strong rhythmical basis. Long ambient improvised parts are getting suddenly interrupted by a head banging break, just like a painting of Claude Monet that would be turned into a Picasso.

Jelle Roozenburg and Dario Trapani on Guitars and Donatas Bielunskis on bass aren’t a random choice : they are all known for their creative input on various cross over projects, and their sound blends perfectly into the drummer’s compositions, which are combining the energy of rock music and the freedom of jazz improvisation. The result is a complexe drawing that will wake your emotions and make your feet move.

Soil Painting released on July 3rd 2020 a live album together with the band ROEST called « RAUW Live! ». The album is available on all digital platforms. Here is the tune « Living On An Iceberg », the first tune on the record :

Watch the music video of « Hell Is A Strange Place To Stay » here :